#1 Door Opener That Increases Life & Annuity Sales and a New Revenue Stream:

by Versatile Insurance Services, LLC

Join Versatile Insurance Services, LLC  on October 1st at 11:00 CST and discover how offering dental and vision insurance can explode your 2020 sales.

The need for both dental and vision insurance is at an all-time high, and as an agent you must capitalize on this opportunity.

By adding these products to your portfolio, you will receive the following business building benefits…

  • Open the door to meet with new prospects
  • Another reason to contact existing clients
  • Increase life and annuity products
  • Receive introductions/referrals/appointments

In addition you’ll have the opportunity to generate a NEW REVENUE STREAM.

  • Add dental products that offer, “$5000 Annual Maximums with No Waiting Periods.”
  • Vision products that offer, “EyeMed or VSP with $150 Frames Allowance.”

You’ll never find a simpler way to rapidly increase sales.

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