#1 Planning Opportunity: LTC/Extended Care

Did you know that 70% of men and women over the age of 65 will need some kind of long-term care services? This kind of care can be very expensive, and can take a toll on the family as a whole as they try to figure out payment, roles of family members, and other logistics of making long-term decisions for a loved one.

Versatile Insurance Services LLC offers leveraged ltc solutions so clients don’t have to pay 100% on the dollar for extended care coverage. Contact Versatile Insurance Services LLC today to develop your custom approach or attend one of our upcoming training calls!

It’s always the right time to talk about ltc planning solutions with your clients.

Coaching & Mentoring

Versatile Insurance Services LLC provides partner firms a customized, strategic and accountable approach to growth. With a strategic approach, VIS leadership guides the process of discovery and creates a strategic action plan with measurable goals and ongoing monitoring. We offer mentoring programs to partner firms who are qualified, committed and coachable.

5 Tips for Sales Success

Identify the client need prior to quoting
Complete field underwriting prior to quoting
Use Drop Ticket/Accelerated UW for healthy clients
No Drop Ticket/Tele-app for unhealthy clients
Always choose Policy e-Delivery versus traditional mail

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